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Our Mission

The Center Right Coalition of Wausau was founded to talk about the future. It is a place for people to network and discuss ideas on how to make our government more efficient and our economy grow.

As we move into the 21st Century, we as a nation, as a state, and as a metro area, are going to be called upon to rethink and re-engineer the way we do many things. In the next two decades, the United States will probably go from being the world’s largest economy to the world’s third largest economy, behind China and India. The world’s wealth and resources will no longer be at our beck and call.

Unfortunately, we are headed into a more competitive world with a mountain of national debt, an unsustainable array of entitlement promises and serious deficiencies in our public school system. These problems will shortly become material handicaps on the future competitiveness of American workers and businesses. The threat of a diminished standard of living for future generations is real.

The concept for a group like this is not new. The Center Right Coalition of Wisconsin has met in Madison for a number of years. This spring, a new group was founded in Southeast Wisconsin. The Wausau group was started to extend this discussion to Central Wisconsin.

Please come and join us for an event. Watch for our editorials in the newspaper. Lamenting the problems of the day will do nothing. Let’s start talking about solutions.

Keene Winters, Coordinator
Center Right Coalition of Wausau

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